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"Eh-Koo-Mee, Eh-Koo-Mee, Sir?"

by swhite

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We're Baaaaack!

When we decided to come back to Thailand for a second time I was a little nervous that it wouldn't live up to all it was before...but all my doubts we put to rest after stepping back on Thai soil. I love this place! The people are just as friendly, the scenery just as beautiful and the food just as tasty! We decided to go back to some of our favorite places once again, and were lucky enough to have a member of the high-5 from Korea, Jillian, come join us for part of it! Since most of these places are old news to those of you who read the last blog, I'll just touch on some of the highlights from this time around.

We started off in Bangkok once again, and decided to venture off of Koh San Road, the main backpacker hangout, and see some new parts of the city.
We wandered through the flower market,
then headed across the river to see some of the temples.
The amount of detail they used is so impressive and it's incredible what they were able to do so long ago!

Our first stop down south in the islands was Koh Tao, which means 'Turtle Island'. This was a new spot for us, and we had heard that it was beautiful and known for it's diving and snorkeling. Our first day there I got a little too much sun so Gabrielle had to head out on a snorkeling trip without me while I hid out in the shade for a day. I got a new underwater camera for this trip and it has been a blast to use so far!

Our next stop was Koh Phangan, home of the full moon party! We love neon paint and dancing so much that we had to go back for a third time! We had a blast once again but we're finally ready to move on from it. Since we are veterans and we know that it is usually fine just just show up places and find rooms without booking we thought we'd be fine here, too. Turns out it was a little busier than expected, and the only place available was someone's loft above the 'Shop and Mart'! We were able to move after two nights there, but we liked to call it our cozy little cave.

This is also where we were meeting up with our friend Jillian. She was flying into the neighboring island, and we had foolishly thought that we would be able to guess what ferry she was on and meet her at the pier. We thought we had the timing right and went to wait at the pier we assumed she'd be arriving at. After waiting for 2 hours and asking around and everyone telling us a different time the ferry would be arriving, we thought our best bet would be to head back to the hotel. Low and behold our friend was waiting for us there! We had a happy little reunion and filled each other in on things, then spent the next few days laughing, chatting, playing with babies and just rolling around in the sand.

We took a day trip to a different beach, and our long-tail boat driver may be the oldest man I've ever seen! My guess was 103...

We needed to get all the way across to the opposite coast for our next island, and decided to take an overnight ferry to avoid missing out on an entire day since Jillian's time was limited. It turned out to be an exhausting little excursion, but a new experience nonetheless!

Our stopover between islands was in a town called Krabi. We spent the day lounging on the beach, reading and playing in the water.

We were taking naps in the shade and the girls decided to get up and get a drink at the bar nearby. There was a group of Thai men behind us just hanging out and drinking some beers. When Gabrielle got up I vaguely heard someone talking to her, but didn't think anything of it. I started to hear some faint speaking, and had a bad feeling it was directed at me, but pretended to keep 'sleeping' anyway. As it got louder and louder I started to listen and heard a man saying 'Eh-Koo-Mee, Eh-Koo-Mee, Eh-Koo-Mee...' I had a sinking feeling this person was tying to get my attention, and that they were trying to say 'excuse me'. The kicker came when he got louder and said 'Eh-koo-mee, eh-koo-mee, Sir??' I turned around and sure enough there was a jolly little man with a big grin. We've been called sir a few times before since people don't know the difference and are just trying to be polite, but it's still funny to hear. I smiled and he got really excited and kept saying 'You, book sleeping. You...hahaha...sleeping book!' Which, yes, meant I had been sleeping on my book. I got up and joined the girls at the bar, only to be followed by our new friend. He insisted on buying us drinks, and then decided it was a good idea to order himself an entire bottle of Tequila! He tried really hard to follow our conversation, but every time Gabrielle spoke he would chime in, 'Teacher, slow slow...too fast for me!'

After Krabi our next stop was Koh Phi Phi, my favorite island from last time. We wanted Jillian to see all the surrounding beaches so we booked a day snorkeling trip. We got lucky and had a small boat with just one other person. He turned out to be tons of fun and we spent the entire day in hysterics. My underwater camera proved to be useful once again and we got some fun shots.

At the last beach of the day we were all pretty exhausted so we were just playing around in the waves when Brie came up with the genius idea to put some life jackets on like diapers and float around in our new seats. It was such a blast!

We had a great time with our new friend and plan to meet up with him at our next stop, Chiang Mai.
Until next time!

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